Qoob Portfolio

The open qoob is a php mvc framework created to speed up the process of creating dynamic sites. This is the code running this website!

Qoob Portfolio


/* humanstxt.org */

/* site */
	standards: html5, css3, sass
	components: jquery, foundation, modernizr, fontawesome
	software: sublime text, git, gruntjs, photoshop, fontforge

/* designer */
	author: andrew harrison
	email: andrew@harrison.nu
	site: http://andrew.harrison.nu

/* jQuery */
	copyright: 2005-2014 jQuery Foundation, Inc.
	license: http://jquery.org/license
	version: 2.1.1

/* modernizr */
	copyright: Faruk Ates, Paul Irish, Alex Sexton
	license: http://modernizr.com/license
	version: 2.8.1

/* foundation framework */
	copyright: 2014 zurb, an interaction design and design strategy firm in campbell, ca
	site: http://foundation.zurb.com
	version: 5


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