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A fast learner with a deep understanding of classical, functional, and procedural programming. Learning a new language is usually more syntactical than functional. Good personal skills with the ability to explain complex computer logic to anyone (usually with diagrams). I enjoy contributing to the open source movement because it facilitates the study of other peoples code, logic, and algorithms to gain deeper understanding and perspective of your own.


Bachelors, Computer Science / Graphic Design

Robert Morris University

  • Graduated magna cum laude
  • A+ Certification
  • N+ Certification


BrandingBrand is a startup in the Pittsburgh South Side which transcodes to create mobile and tablet optimized versions of e-commerce websites. Clients include: American Eagle, Levi/Dockers, Vitacost, PartyCity, MLB, Sony, TigerDirect, just to name a few.

When I started at BB I was on the COBRA team, my job ranged from finding and fixing post launch bugs, infrastructure migrations, server maintenance, and building internal developer tools and environments. At BB I work with both server-side technologies like NODE.JS, PHP, Docker and client-side technologies like HTML5, Javascript, SASS/Stylus, and more.

I have since joined the (Dev)Ops team. I use my intimate knowledge of unix-like operating systems to help create virtual servers with docker and manage them via chef. My main focus on the team is automation; setting up and managing version control (GIT) and continuous integration (CI) servers, building internal use tools to create repeatable and testable processes, all while still assisting the development and QA teams in many areas. I try to act as a bridge between the development and operations teams, thus earning my title of devops engineer.
A next generation loyalty program for businesses and consumers. Projects include; the Backend Analytics which correlate the item level transaction data from the point of sale systems and user demographics captured from our mobile application. It also allows businesses to configure their loyalty programs, upload and select images, and interact with customers. REST API interfaces coded with my own custom framework for the mobile phone applications and point of sale integrations. Jenkins CI servers build and run unit tests, generate documentation, and deploy versioned APIs via git branches. Websites and micro-sites for mobile phone and pos systems. Built using responsive html5, sass, and webfonts.
The CET is located on the campus of Wheeling Jesuit University and all operating funds are secured from grants. Projects included; WV Storm, funded by NOAA, that teaches kids to read and interpret weather maps, and how meteorologists issue watches and warning using real historic data. And the award winning Selene, a flash based educational video game funded my the National Science Foundation in which players learn how Earth's moon was formed as they create their own moon and then pepper it with impact craters and flood it with lava flows. Player data was analyzed to research learning through engagement. IUOE/RDD Online training and refresher course modules for OSHA in standard conventional demolition and radioactive/hazmat fields.


  • programming
  • php
  • javascript
  • actionscript
  • c
  • c++
  • c#
  • m
  • java
  • python
  • scripting
  • bash
  • html
  • css
  • sass
  • xml
  • json
  • lua
  • markdown
  • database
  • mysql
  • microsoft sql
  • mariadb
  • oracle
  • api design
  • REST
  • ajax/pjax
  • fontography
  • fontlab
  • fontforge
  • multi-format
  • webfonts
  • dingbats
  • design
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • responsive
  • cross platform
  • computer maintenance
  • windows
  • linux
  • web servers
  • cloud servers
  • virtual machines
  • ssh
  • version control
  • git
  • svn
  • documentation
  • agile
  • scrum
  • uml
  • continuous integration
  • jenkins-ci
  • package managers
  • composer
  • npm
  • bower
  • pacman


References available upon requests, but you can view my public recommendations on Linked.