I'm Andrew Harrison

A unix-wizard and programmer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Technically my degree is Computer Science with a specialization in Software Application Programming, but in truth I'm a web focused developer. Whether it's static, dynamic database driven, or mobile, most of my work is delivered on the web. I also enjoy text arts, creating fonts, reading, and working on open source projects.

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Andrew Harrison


Places I studied and honors recieved.

Bachelors, Computer Science / Graphic Design

Robert Morris University

  • Graduated magna cum laude
  • A+ Certification
  • N+ Certification



  • php
  • javascript
  • actionscript
  • c / c++ / m
  • c#
  • java


  • html
  • css
  • sass
  • bash
  • xml
  • json


  • fontlab
  • fontographer
  • fontforge
  • multi-format
  • webfonts
  • dingbats


  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • responsive
  • cross platform
  • web
  • print
I'm fast learner with a deep understanding of programming. Learning a new language is usually more syntactical than functional. Good personal skills with the ability to explain complex computer logic to anyone (usually with diagrams). I Enjoy the open source movement because it facilitates the study of other peoples code, logic, and algorithms to gain deeper understanding and perspective of your own.


Places I've worked, and projects I've worked on.

Automate and facilitate the development and deploymet of mobile optimized versions of e-commerce websites at scale.

Local Development Environmet
I designed and created the local PHP development environment used by both the sites and support teams. Utilzing a Docker container I crafted a setup that mimiced our production environment but added debugging tools and exposed system logs to aid in development. Linting and code quality tools run on pre-commit hooks in version control to enforce style and reduce errors. Internal tools were also distributed and updated through this image to keep developers up to date.
Since our mobile sites are transcodes of others, if the desktop website was down, crashing, in maintence mode, etc, it effects the health of our own but there is little for the team to do to fix the issue. AlertGoalie is a proxy application between our multiple monitoring systems and our on-call support pager. AG would run a seriese of tests and dependant on the nature of the error and application in question, the results of which would either cancel or escalate the alert. After the first round of testing false positive alerts decreased by a large margin.
Shell Magic
I solved a few "the cloud is on fire" moments with a just little shell script. Like when our deployment keys were invalidated. i wrote a shell script that cloned every git repo, called sed on a few files to rotate the keys, git add-commit-push the changesets, then got a cup of coffee while our continious integration servers rebuild all the images.

A next generation loyalty program for businesses and consumers that works by pairing user data from the mobile application and transaction data from point-of-sale systems.

Program Analytics
A merchant dashboard showing realtime data-driven analytics on business operations and consumer buying trends from a searchable frontend displaying both textual and graphical formats.
Business Backend
Manage business and program functionality for both merchants and customer service. Configure every aspect of your loyalty program from POS redemptions, application graphics, and both text and QR code generation for marketing materials and social media.
Ticketmaster Integration
Ticket barcode scanning for events allows the program to gather arena gate and seat level data for a tighter integration with sports teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Database interfaces coded with my open qoob framework for the mobile phone applications and point of sale integrations. Jenkins CI servers build and run phpunit tests, build documentation, and deploy versioned APIs via git branches.

The CET is located on the campus of Wheeling Jesuit University. Operating funds are secured from grants from organizations like NASA, NOAA, NFS, ETC.

Provides e-mail and text-messaging capabilities to registered users during emergencies or weather-related disasters affecting particular educational institutions.
A flash based educational video game funded my the National Science Foundation in which players learn how Earth's moon was formed as they create their own moon and then pepper it with impact craters and flood it with lava flows.
Online training modules for OSHA in standard conventional demolition and radioactive/hazmat fields.
A Challenger e-Mission, funded by NOAA, that teaches kids to read and interpret weather maps, and how meteorologists issue watches and warning using real historic data.
NASA Earth & Space
An online high school course funded by NASA and Anne Arundel public schools to study the best ways to teach NASA science and assess student learning in online environments.