Work for the Center for Educational Technologies


AlertsU provides e-mail and text-messaging capabilities to registered users during emergencies or weather-related disasters affecting particular educational institutions.


An online training module for OSHA standard conventional demolition safety for the International Union of Operating Engineers. This flash based application is 508 compliant and self grading.


An OSHA approved online training tool to help prepare/improve workers ability to recognize and react to radiation hazards. The module is a mix of flash interactives and html based content/questions.


Challenger's e-Missions are distance learning simulations in which students use their problem solving, math, and science abilities to work their way through scenarios fraught with crises.

WV Storm

A Challenger e-Mission, funded by NOAA, that teaches kids to read and interpret weather maps, and how meteorologists issue watches and warning using real historic data from the 2004 West Virginia flood.


Selene is a flash based educational video game in which players learn how Earth's moon was formed as they create their own moon and then pepper it with impact craters and flood it with lava flows.


MoonWorld gives you the opportunity to personally explore a virtual lunar surface in SecondLife, reliving the Apollo astronauts experience while learning about the Moon's geologic processes.

Earth & Space

NASA Earth & Space is an online high school course funded by NASA and Anne Arundel public schools to study the best ways to teach NASA science and assess student learning in online environments.


The Bioregenerative Life Support System Simulator is an iPad app based on investigations conducted by NASA scientists/engineers to explore how plants can be grown to provide life support for astronauts.


Challenger's e-Labs are virtual and interactive lessons in various science and math subjects. During an e-Lab, students perform experiments, collect data, analyze results, and draw conclusions.


Student forensic scientists produces a 'genetic fingerprint' of four fictional robbery suspects, who the students then eliminate as suspects based on evidence and DNA bands visible on an electrophoresis gel.

Misc CET websites

Small projects and websites I created at the C.E.T. that don't deserve their own categories.